Gourmet Burger Kitchen: By the time you actually find the DIFC branch, you’ll be starving, so it’s a good thing that GBK produces burgers so big you have to disassemble them to fit them into your mouth. The size of these beefy beasts also means that you’ll have to tightly grip the sourdough bread bun unless you want to tackle it with a knife and fork. The burgers are good, certainly, but the best in Dubai? The beef bacon option comes with rashers that are way too salty and slightly too tough. The guacamole smartly complements the beef, but doesn’t interact very agreeably with the mayonnaise on the bun. The quality of the black Angus beef used by GBK is unquestionably high, but prepared medium it is a little too damp and lacking in deep, meaty flavour. The Cajun burger is a better offering when prepared well done and is given a kick by a potent chilli mayo. The best on the menu is the blue cheese burger with stilton. For starters, the deep-fried portobello mushrooms benefit from a dash of pesto and a heap of crisp rocket leaves, although the natural flavour of the mushrooms is slightly overrun by oil. The fries are crisp, golden and served hot, but this being a gourmet burger destination, perhaps it’s time to dump the plastic pots the dips come in. Not that any of this really matters. It’s all about the burgers.
Call 04 399 7705 for more information.