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Posted by: Indian Food on 26 May ' 12 at 08:16

what a great and nice hotel.......

Posted by: Indian Food on 25 May ' 12 at 14:57

very nice and interesting.......

Posted by: Amjad on 28 Apr ' 12 at 22:41

Aangan: had dinner there yesterday;doesn't deserve the hype.

Posted by: Arjun on 05 Oct ' 11 at 12:03

Timeout seems to have decided to add "Kebab" to the names of Khazana (No.9) and Manvaar (No.10) for some reason.

Posted by: Aditya on 14 Sep ' 11 at 12:46

Is this guy straight off a boat from england or what? What in the name of god is a 'curry house'!!. Its like calling any english/American restaurant a bacon/cheese corner. If you do not know about real indian food, and dont know how to enjoy it, and all you can order is couple of varieties of kebab and chicken curry, then please refrain from writing articles about our exquisite quisine as though you know something. This is by no means a collection of the best food, its just some expensive ones,most of which are'nt as gud, when you consider the charges. If you want real indianfood at amazingly reasonable prices,some options to check out are -'Tandoori', in Ibn batuta mall, or 'Antique bazaar' in 4 point sheraton, or Dhaba in Dubai grand hotel. It will be a public service, if you dont write any more articles on indian cuisine!

Posted by: sameer miglani on 03 Jun ' 11 at 19:20

You have some of the most honest reviews
CHUTNEYS is outstanding food but not on the list
any reason ?

Posted by: Mat on 30 May ' 11 at 11:27

Wise up, this is an indian restaurant review, do you also want TOB to hold your hand, maybe wipe the mango chutney from your chin and maybe even pay for the bill.... all i can say is lazy.....

all these restaurants can be found in the restaurant section...duh! with maps, contact details and prices...

Posted by: Mark Astor on 30 May ' 11 at 10:05

Can I second the person complaining about the overuse of the world "moreish"?

Also, can you stop saying, "we tucked into..." it makes me cringe.

And you forgot The Bombay at Marco Polo Hotel on this list.

Posted by: rifraf on 22 May ' 11 at 15:15

how shame !!! u mention the best resturnt but no proper locations or postal addr to find - okay for fancy names , hard for visitors to find - taxis do take you for rrrrrrrrride here.

Posted by: on 19 May ' 11 at 08:57

You need to eat at gazebo in Bur dubai they have by far the best best best birayni ever. and their lamp chops is to die for. Dissapointed its not on the list

Posted by: SALIL on 19 May ' 11 at 05:20

You guys missed Amal @ Armani, it's fabulous! I'd rate Asha's #2.
All other eatries are 'also ran' & defintely need to reinvent. Indigo & Khazana are definately over rated!

Posted by: Kumar on 16 May ' 11 at 16:01

Your reviews are essentially an 'outsider's' review - shows amazing lack of understanding of Indian cuisine - its variations. But that may be deliberate.

Posted by: Vishal on 01 May ' 11 at 06:27

If you use the word 'moreish' one more time in your reviews I'm going to cringe so loud you can hear me at the Time Out 'Towers'!

Also, please don't simplify these dining establishments and Indian food as a whole by calling them 'curry houses', the spectrum of our cuisine is much richer and broader than what the average 'punter' is used to from 'back home'

Posted by: Kashif Siddiqui on 28 Apr ' 11 at 21:08

A price indication for a meal for two in the hotel reviews will give us a better idea about the budgets to keep in mind when considering a visit to the reviewed restaurant

Posted by: BigH on 28 Apr ' 11 at 08:30

If you want to lure us punters you really MUST include the locations of ALL the restaurants, otherwise all your good work is in vain. This is a repetitive failure of your review columns.

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