Heli-skiing in Kamchatka
You don’t need to be a banker to fly halfway round the world to be dropped on a volcano – but it helps. The Kamchatka peninsula in Russia’s far east is the destination of choice for those in search of unexplored terrain and breathtaking descents of up to 4,000 metres, which take you through remote hot springs and right down to the beach. Stay at the four-star Hotel Antarius in the Hot Spring Valley, then catch a Russian M18 helicopter to the edge of the volcano rim from where you have access to tree skiing, long steep couloirs and wide open bowls. In short, anything your little daredevil skier’s heart might desire. Elemental Adventure (020 7836 3547, www.eaheliskiing.com) can sort you out with a comprehensive all-inclusive package (from €4,150), although visas can be a little tricky.