Green tea ice-cream at Okku
The deal: Make your way past the bevy of girls at the desk of this wonderful Japanese restaurant, and do your best to skip through the array of (equally) gorgeous mains to arrive at the desserts section. There are a few interesting options here, but it’s the simplest one that stands out: the green-tea ice-cream. There’s nothing fancy about the way it’s served: a mathematically precise, perfectly formed green scoop in a frozen ceramic bowl. In fact, you’d be forgiven for dismissing this as a rather boring, safe bet, but taste it and you’ll discover smooth, silky textures and a complex flavour. It’s small and deceptively simple, but sophisticated and well worth a visit.

Best for: A refined conclusion to a refined meal.
Dhs15. The Monarch Dubai, Sheikh Zayed Road (04 501 8777).