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Posted by: Karla Rees on 25 May ' 11 at 13:48

This was my first concert in Dubai and it was awesome. Such talent and dedication to his craft, hats off to Mr. Cocker for a brilliant performance. Inspite of the heat and the smokers in the front row area (he complained that his voice was being affected by the smoke yet some people continued to do so ,tsk tsk!), he continued to amaze us with his performance of the classics and favorites. No breaks, he puts artists half his age to shame. A lesson Ms. Winehouse can learn if she plans to ever redeem herself after a sham of a performance.

Posted by: gerald on 24 May ' 11 at 10:11

here is the photo

Posted by: Joy on 23 May ' 11 at 06:44

The man just still has it! Looked like he may not hang on to it and the tart of the gig but h dfinately stepped up to the plate. Great effort for such a cult guy who is now the wrong side of 65!!

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