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Posted by: Fuzzball on 03 Aug ' 11 at 14:35

Does anyone know if these will be on through Ramadan pls?

Posted by: Annie on 15 Jun ' 11 at 11:03

"....surprisingly well laid-out and aesthetic (i.e. non-Irish)....."; that statement could be easily misconstrued. I think what you mean is that it is not your typical Irish-pub-in-Dubai, and not that the Irish people are messy and ugly. Or that pubs in Ireland are, which they are not. I've been to lots.

Just saying.

Posted by: Sarah K on 12 Jun ' 11 at 14:03

At the Belgian Beer Cafe the copy says there is no soft drinks option but then at the bottom in the prices it says 150 (soft drinks only)...

Posted by: Stacey Almond on 27 May ' 11 at 09:19

Great info and great layout! Sometimes a bit confusing with articles purporting to be about something and you follow the lead and it doesn't give much about location, price etc. as the article writer assumes you know the product already! Not everyone who reads Time Out has lived here a long time and visits all the nightspost and restaurants continually.

Posted by: JP on 26 May ' 11 at 12:28

Good selection, but what about Traiteur's friday brunch at Park Hyatt Dubai?

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