On our last count, there were nearly 600 hotels in Dubai. By our calculations, that means there must be at least 600 pools by now. And that’s only hotel pools – there are thousands of residences in Dubai, most boasting their own pools, which surely pushes the total number of swimming pools in the city towards 2,000. But why does it matter, and why are we insisting on using the word ‘pool’ so much? Because there’s no better way to combat the heat than basking in a chilled pool (there we go again).

Yet with the exception of sneaking into one of the JBR pools for free (don’t do this, it’s naughty), there are very few swimming pools you can access without having to fork out at least Dhs200. What’s more, despite Dubai hosting the 2010 FINA Swimming World Championships (the venue was drained to make way for, um, handball), there aren’t many public pools in the city. Time Out has thus rounded up 10 swimming pools around town that you can use for Dhs100 or less per day (hurrah!). Some are in hotels, others are in parks – all are a great way to keep cool this summer.