10 Hanna
Atonement director Joe Wright has come up with a multiplex-friendly Euro-thriller. And what a fantastic job he’s done of it: Hanna is mainstream, yet bold and lovably idiosyncratic.The plot is an unpredictable rag-bag of influences: bone-crunching action sequences straight out of the Bourne franchise jostle with cosily bourgeois family scenes. Like Bourne, the landscape is post-Cold War, the mood icily Germanic. But Hanna doesn’t centre on a rogue CIA agent: the figure at the heart of this whirlwind is a seemingly innocuous teenage girl. Saoirse Ronan is Hanna, whose life has been spent in wintry isolation after her father Erik (Eric Bana) fled when his cover as a spy was blown. But now Hanna wants to see the outside world, and the only way she can do that is to allow herself to be captured by Marissa (Blanchett), who has been hunting them all these years. Luckily, Hanna may be ignorant of life beyond the forest, but she can take out a platoon of enemy soldiers without breaking a sweat.What’s most remarkable and gratifying about Hanna is how well Wright directs action: while the film as a whole may be episodic and wayward, the action scenes are uniformly sharp, inventive and gripping. Anyone who found his dramatic films a touch too by-the-book may wonder if he’s now found his true calling. Tom Huddleston
Weekly box office: Dhs60,520
Weekly admissions: 2,026
Total box office: Dhs1,482,458
Total admissions: 43,899