Dining in Dubai is as much about where you are as what you eat. Luckily for the city’s more discerning diners, many classic spots have discovered a newfound maturity, and many trendy new options have popped up on the scene, making the city an increasingly exciting place to eat out. We look into five of the city’s restaurants that not only provide customers with sustenance, but do so in style.

La Petite Maison
A celebrity magnet on the Côte d’Azur, La Petite Maison has now become a globally recognised and revered chain, with venues in London, New York and Dubai. Luckily, this globalisation hasn’t deprived the restaurant of its distinct Niçoise style, and the outlet in DIFC still upholds the principles of social and sophisticated dining. Every night, without fail, La Petite Maison’s bonhomie environs are packed, meaning that dining here is as fun as it is filling: you can’t help but overload on dishes such as glistening green beans dotted with smooth chunks of foie gras, carpaccio of scallops, salt-baked fillet of sea bass and divine desserts.
DIFC (04 439 0505).