Ever wondered why and how certain hostess are chosen as the ‘faces’ of Dubai’s most prestigious events? We have. What’s more, we want to know whose hair they tore out as they fought tooth and manicured nail for the gig. Cue an exchange of emails and phone calls with Bareface model and production agency (who, at peak times, can handle up to as many as 120 castings a week), a nod of approval from its event-throwing client, Dabo & Co, a respected Dubai-based public relations and events company, and we’re granted access to the casting session.

Energy company Vitol is celebrating its 45th birthday with a fire and ice-themed party at the Atlantis hotel for its employees, many of them based in Dubai, with a number flying in from Russia especially for the event. As the bash will begin with an ice-themed gala dinner, and is followed by a surprise fire-themed party, they are in need of an ice queen, two candy ladies and two dance floor girls to get the guests out of their seats. They will be choosing the lucky candidates from seven models and dancers on Bareface’s books. British costume designer, Tanya Somerset, founder of Bolli Darling – well known for its dessert-inspired outfits – has flown in to provide and fit the outfits for each of the girls.