Revellers rocked the (cement-like) sandy shores at Live Nation’s dXb Beach Festival at Nasimi on Friday, after a knock-out day of electro-pop music that began pumping out of the speakers at midday. Most of the festival-goers arrived in the early evening when the sun had dipped, but many were still feeling the heat and shirtless men and bikini-clad ladies were reminded to cover up by one culturally sensitive warm-up DJ. The headline act, US electro hip-hop duo LMFAO, caused commotion with club anthem ‘Party Rock’ and ‘I’m in “Dubai” B****’. Yet the stand-out set of the night came from San Francisco duo The Cataracs, who genuinely appeared to be having a good time. Pete Wentz’s new group, Black Cards, were a mild disappointment and failed to meet the high standard set before them.

Lauren Jones, Holly Starens, Daisy Marchant, Nathan Kay and Mohammed Bader