The Friday-night crowd were doubly pleased that this nightspot is surrounded by water when visiting DJs Revenge and The Burnski threatened to set the new season of Audio Tonic Sunset Sessions on fire (audibly, at least). Things kicked off with The Revenge playing a funky nu-disco number as the sun finally sunk below the horizon. The dancefloor was packed by the second hour of his set, with some seriously interesting shapes from post-brunch rabble alongside a few smoother movers – the track-of-the-night award went to The Revenge’s edit of ‘Ease Out’ on Joey Negro’s label Z Records. This was enough to get everybody who hadn’t been dancing out of their seats; by 9pm Burnski had taken over the decks for an epic five-hour set, ending with bigger-room sounds for a very busy floor.

Celine, Edy and Michela