Shawermama: The sanitised presentation of this Jordanian chain is more akin to a burger joint than a shawarma shack. Shawarmas are served in a variety of sizes (standard, double and giant shawazooka) and come with fries and a soft drink – so far, so high street. The revelation comes when you chomp into your tightly wrapped shawarma and appreciate the well-stuffed snack. Meats are marinated overnight in a sauce of 15 different spices, while pickles are chunky and moist. The flavour can be overpowered by spoonfuls of garlic sauce, so ask the chef to go easy on this to get the full nuance of the fillings.
Dhs16 (includes fries and drink). Shawarmas served Sun-Thu 11am-1am; Fri 2pm-1am. Near Citymax Hotel, behind the Mall of the Emirates, Barsha (04 453 4704).