Ever since Sex and the City made its debut more than 13 years ago, we’ve been intrigued by Carrie Bradshaw’s wardrobe and its capacity to ignite (often ridiculous) trends. Carrie and the girls have since moved on, but
the long-running series has inspired a new era of TV sartorial mavens, and today it’s as much about the costumes as it is the plot. To celebrate the launch of Dubai Fashion Week on October 20, we’ve found the top fashion-based series, where watching an episode is akin to turning the pages of the latest fashion magazine.

Whether it’s know-it-all Rachel’s painfully sweet cardigan and knee-high socks ensemble or the quirky sophistication of librarian-esque guidance counsellor Emma Pillsbury, Glee is one hot fashion melting pot. Thanks to costume designer Lou Eyrich (whose looks were awarded a Costume Designers Guild Award in 2010), the cast share a unique style portfolio, with members dabbling in a diverse range of styles that covers everything from preppy and punk to college jock and nerd chic.
Season three airs on OSN Network every Thursday