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Posted by: anna on 18 Dec ' 11 at 09:51

Id take a guess its not the pictures sake its on a red chopping board love, i assume if they used it for all the same thing, the might not still be open as a restaurant.
all looks great rivington! will look forward to my turkey this year.

Posted by: Chris on 15 Dec ' 11 at 11:27

Shouldn't the Rivington Grill be preparing raw poultry on a yellow chopping board and using yellow handled knives (yellow for poultry, red for raw meat)? Having worked as a chef in Dubai I know that colour coded chopping boards and knives are standard practice and I'm not sure that I'd like to order a rare steak from Rivington if raw turkeys came into contact with the same chopping it had been prepared on and cut using the same knives.

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