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Posted by: Asif on 28 Dec ' 11 at 12:40

Amazing and Great Decoration... Like it..

Posted by: DILAN on 27 Dec ' 11 at 09:43

I LIKE IT :-))

Posted by: Joshua on 22 Dec ' 11 at 18:30

Ahhh...the Arab Spring comes to for your favorite Christmas tree :)

Posted by: Manoj on 22 Dec ' 11 at 14:43

looks great

Posted by: Imee Anonas on 22 Dec ' 11 at 13:28

It is amazing Xmas theme and you feel the spirit of Christmas.

Posted by: Imee Anonas on 22 Dec ' 11 at 13:19

I love the holidays and special times during the year! Looks as good as a real tree and has lights already attached to it.

Posted by: Akbar Siddiqi on 22 Dec ' 11 at 10:35

One of the most spectacular Xmas tree I ever seen

Posted by: saryono on 22 Dec ' 11 at 09:39


Posted by: Jemar Panteriore on 22 Dec ' 11 at 08:07

awsome!!! fantastic beautiful

Posted by: Tamer on 22 Dec ' 11 at 07:59

Most beautiful one.

Posted by: Tamer on 22 Dec ' 11 at 07:58

The best :)

Posted by: rajeshwari on 22 Dec ' 11 at 06:37

really good one.........................................

Posted by: Marcus Sutton on 22 Dec ' 11 at 03:06

I recently visited the Intercontinental at Festival City and it really is an impressive tree. Just out of the shot there is also a huge ginger bread house selling Christmas goodies. My kids loved it and wanted to eat the whole house! Luckily they were giving away some free gingerbread samples! ;-)

Posted by: John on 21 Dec ' 11 at 11:31

Most of the trees shown are artificial. The contest should be limited to real fir trees. That would encourage the malls and hotels to be less commercial and purchase real trees, all of which are available in various nurseries in Dubai, That is the only way to have the real smell and patina of Christmas.The Holy Trinity Church compound in Oud Mehta has a real, large decorated tree. and more in Dubai should do the same, both for the home and the store.

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