If you are what you eat, then the Time Out team are multicultural at best and schizophrenic at worst. Last week, for example, we started out Lebanese, then turned Chinese (via Japan), before becoming American, then French, only to turn Italian at the weekend. If we were to take the ‘you are what you eat’ analogy a step further, we could have a go at being more or less every animal, mineral and vegetable under the sun.

Yes, this dining derring-do can be disorienting, at times disappointing, but on the whole our culinary shape-shifting proves to be a great deal of fun, allowing us to get a real taste (both literally and figuratively) of the city’s diversity. As with any journey, we’ve been fortunate to pick up a few fond memories over the past year, namely certain dishes that we find ourselves thinking about in times of hunger, boredom or any time in between breakfast and lunch, lunch and dinner. So, we’ve compiled 25 dishes that have stuck in our collective memories over the past year, which you can now sample for yourself.