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Posted by: Rush on 30 Apr ' 12 at 06:16

Azima Ochen krasivaya Devushka .Alina Jenny and Azima .Azima is verybeautiful woman

Posted by: Rush on 30 Apr ' 12 at 06:10

Vperyed Rossiya !Daway !Daway!
Russians are the Best !

Posted by: Roonie on 20 Apr ' 12 at 07:44


Posted by: Mike on 17 Apr ' 12 at 13:03

fashionista if that is what you count as elegant, then what counts as trashy in your dictionary.

Posted by: cem ozguven on 20 Mar ' 12 at 09:07

oh my god. ı am comıng

Posted by: Jason on 02 Mar ' 12 at 15:23

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I don't think I wanna go to any clubs in UAE after seeing these pictures.

Posted by: Boss on 04 Feb ' 12 at 19:33

so sexy lady

Posted by: Edwards on 01 Feb ' 12 at 15:30

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Girls be natural! Don't over do it! I am a guy and trust me a very very few (almost none) are attractive.

Posted by: al on 18 Jan ' 12 at 13:31

Dana Salamoun is very Beautiful

Posted by: naveed on 18 Jan ' 12 at 12:50

Nice pics.

Scary to seem though Dubai clubbing scene has been taken over by Russian and Eastern European beauties!!!

I thought Dubai was much more cosmopolitian and attracted western europeans, americans and canadians too?

For some viewers this gallery would be a reason not to visit the Dubai clubs, as they would be interested in more of a culturally diverse party haven!


Posted by: fashionista on 12 Jan ' 12 at 11:08

These 2 ladies simple but looks so ellegant (Joanna Davidson and Ayda Davidson)

Posted by: Barack on 07 Jan ' 12 at 12:07

Many of these women are quite scarey looking. What kind of guys are they attracting?!

(im quite sure they are all lovely people that do a lot for charity and love animals, im just saying there is a lack of natural beauty)

Posted by: Nona on 02 Jan ' 12 at 18:48

Wow what a nice Lithuanian girls :) thank u! To adding us to this gallerie:) Nona

Posted by: Fakina on 01 Jan ' 12 at 05:18


Posted by: kamiyar karbassi on 30 Dec ' 11 at 19:40

thanks for your pictures

Posted by: Fakina on 28 Dec ' 11 at 14:00

Just curious: why has the all-natural look not caught up with Dubai? Most of the pics seem so posed, fake, contrived, plasticky, superficial, overdone -- making the women look less rather than more attractive.

Whatever happened to natural beauty? Think of Carla Bruni, Halle Berry, Jennifer Aniston, Angelina Jolie, etc.

Let's see some shots of the natural beauty of Dubai's women!

Posted by: sian on 28 Dec ' 11 at 12:46

Who's that sexy girl in white top ;)

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