If you can’t drop Dhs387,988 on a night out (unlike one Cavalli Club visitor this year, whose receipt was found, snapped and is now causing a sensation on Twitter), this is the feature for you. At this time of year, consumers are likely to spend less after blowouts at Christmas. People are cutting their spending worldwide – evidenced by dismal post-Christmas sales figures in Europe and Australia – yet, as our international price comparison from page 23 demonstrates, Dubai isn’t as costly as you might think. From petrol to cinema tickets, our city offers some of the least expensive services in the world. ‘Tourists are presented with a holiday resort and are willing to splash out during their stays,’ says independent financial adviser Graham Wolverson. ‘Residents, on the other hand, look for good value, and paying lower prices here doesn’t generally mean a lack of quality.

‘Make a note of all your spending over a few months, which will reveal where your money is being wasted,’ he continues. ‘After a few adjustments, you’re likely to find you can pay your bills more easily, leaving you more money to do more of what you like doing.’ Read on, and you may save yourself a small fortune via our price comparisons (the cheaper price is highlighted throughout). You can thank us later…

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