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Posted by: Jocelyne on 22 Jan ' 12 at 09:53

Not representative these prices!
Dubai is a lot more expensive than any cities in USA and Canada!!!!

Posted by: Rosie on 22 Jan ' 12 at 08:03

Hi I disagree with the prices of haircuts being more expensive in London than Dubai. Dubai is far to expensive and if you visit most of the womens forum's you will see allot of unhappy women in Dubai. Grossly over priced and simply not worth the money. They charge high prices just because it's Dubai not because they are good. It really is a rip off I have to have my haircut and highlighted and yes, I do use a hairdresser in Dubai where all the staff are English because they can understand what I am saying and I'm very happy with the result so I have to pay the price. I would like to see more offers for top salon's for people that are on a budget i.e. families or if yo have to budget your monthly income.

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