A few weeks have passed since you first resolved to shed a few pounds for 2012, so it’s only natural that your determination is beginning to waver (or is that just us?). However, dieting doesn’t have to involve dry rice cakes and stepping onto the scales every five minutes – there are plenty of restaurants across Dubai serving healthy and delicious dishes designed to help you stick to your diet. We’ve picked 19 such venues on the basis of their clear, informative menus (which list the calories so you don’t have to) or their special dishes designed to help you lead a healthier, slimmer lifestyle this year.

Balance Café: This café is part of Balance Wellness Centre, in case you fancy a quick workout before your healthy meal. Dieters can order dishes such as vegetarian lasagne (475 calories, Dhs26), pan-seared corn-fed chicken supreme (355 calories, Dhs42), or poached strawberry in balsamic syrup (111 calories, Dhs16).
Oasis Centre, Al Quoz (04 515 4051).