Flight time from Dubai:
seven hours
Vienna is an incredibly beautiful city, where wide open spaces are filled with art, music and life. And while postcards, guidebooks and well-travelled friends paint a picture that’s… well, picture perfect, it’s easy to be sceptical if you’re swapping a desert summer for a holiday in springtime Vienna. After about six hours of being cooped up in a flying steel container, you’ll step out of Vienna airport and be slapped across the face by Mother Nature. Every cliché in the book seems to fit – fresh, crisp air, long streets lined with blooming flowers and shiny, happy people laughing (okay, they’re not shiny, but they’re definitely happy about something). To find out what’s making them so joyful, you’ll need to visit more than a few tourist spots, drink your bodyweight in coffee at charming cafés, walk along historic streets and feed swans on the beautiful River Danube.
From Dhs4,120. Valid until February 29 2012. Emirates Holidays (800 5252).