Eden Rock, St Barths, Caribbean
Flight time from Dubai:
16 hours
Of all the Caribbean islands, St Barths has accrued a name for itself as the showiest and starriest. Like the rest of the region, the island is heavy on the romance, all tropical landscapes and achingly perfect panoramas. With a small local population and visits from only the most exclusive of tourists, couples can appreciate the place undisturbed, while at the same time enjoying food that pays homage to the island’s French heritage. Originally the home of a Dutch adventurer, the exquisite Eden Rock resort was once frequented by Greta Garbo, and remains to this day a top glitterati haunt. It’s certainly opulent, but falls just the right side of gaudy, and is made more impressive by snatches of the owner’s well-cultivated art collection. Of course, you’ll be too busy staring into each other’s eyes to notice.
Virgin Atlantic flies to St Lucia from Dhs7,000 (www.virgin-atlantic.com). Stay at Eden Rock Hotel, www.eden rockhotel.com (+590 590 297 999).