The Last Supper 2
What’s the main idea behind this work?
It’s based on a mythological event. In my painting, the original picture, painted be Leonardo da Vinci, is placed upside down. The people in the foreground are contemporary, but there is no meal being served. They are participating in an act where there is no food to eat and hence part of a fictional event.

Did you research body language when creating this piece?
I research the physical characters, but I only decide upon their pose during the creative process of actually making the work.

Two of the subjects are aware of the artist’s presence…
Yes, they are aware of the artist, but the artist is also present in the painting. I am actually participating in this ‘meal’, so I transcend the boundary between being on canvas and part of reality.
‘Mr Passive’ continues at Gallery Etemad until February 18.

The lowdown
Exhibition: ‘Mr Passive’, until February 18 at Gallery Etemad, Al Serkal Avenue, Street 8, Al Quoz 1 (04 346 8649).
Artist: Mehrdad Mohebali.
Price range of works: Dhs44,080 to Dhs91,830.