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Posted by: Caroline on 06 Feb ' 12 at 13:01

Penguins should under NO circumstances be kept like this - where adults and children can harass the birds all day. This is just plain cruelty - well done Dubai.

Posted by: Maria Abdullah on 05 Feb ' 12 at 08:37

It is irresponsible and ignorant to bring sociable animals for show from such a distance and keep them in environment that does not suit them at all, just for commercial purpose. I oppose such action and never visit the place!!!

Posted by: Lisa on 04 Feb ' 12 at 17:52

These animals are wild and should be in their natural habitat not couped up as a spectacle for human entertainment. Where is the ocean for them to swim in or the sunshine.
Just find this very sad in this age that we are doing this to wild animals. Sad too that your publication is promoting it.

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