Media City Park
Set in the heart of Dubai media-land, this little patch of greenery is an ideal spot for office workers on their lunch breaks. It’s also proven to be one of the best venues for events, thanks to its central location, with grassy areas surrounded by skyscrapers and twinkly lights.

Size of park: Approximately 15,000 sq m, including a lake.

Best for: Office workers who’ve had a tough morning: seeing palm trees, greenery, a lake and ducks should perk you up. It’s also a good green spot for those who live in Dubai Marina, Media City or Knowledge Village, and it’s typically quiet on weekends.

Shops or kiosks: Circle Café is located near the CNN Building, as is little sandwich shop Bakemart. Sandwiches (heated if preferred) cost from Dhs13. Bargain.

Don’t miss: Sculptures created in 2002 to celebrate Dubai Shopping Festival, plus the odd gardener doing a headstand (as we spotted on our last visit), and a recycling point.

Nature hunt: It’s possible to spot turtles, ducks, crows and fish in the lake (which is a slightly unreal shade of turquoise).

Free. Open 24 hours. Dubai Media City, (04 391 4555).