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Posted by: A P on 01 Jan ' 13 at 17:10

Wow, This is pathetic. Who would want to go to an artificial island to stare at a dirty nasty city, please. I live in the "islands" and this is just ridic. I'll take my days bartending in Tortola making shit money over this superficial mound of soulless nothingness. Beauty comes from nature, not man.

Posted by: maryam on 22 Nov ' 12 at 10:26

how can i go there !!! contact details please

Posted by: V on 20 Aug ' 12 at 11:22

Phil, well spotted, this is a skimmer pool rather than an infinity. Much cheaper to build, looks like some thing from the 70s.
Debbie, very true, very sterile. Looks like the whole place has 2 and a half palm trees. Had they told me, I could have gone them containers after containers of coconut palms from Sri Lanka for literally coconuts and made the place look like a real tropical island.
The landscape architect!!!! sticks a classic looking roman looking fountain right in the middle, in what is supposed to look very minimalistic, cool and trendy.
On the positive side, well done for providing us some thing else to do here in this wonderful city. Kind of fed up with the mall and Imax. Cant do it any more.

Posted by: Phil on 27 Jul ' 12 at 16:45

I just read it cost AED 60M for the island and to furnish it ... and it looks like it ... looks like they got a deal at Dragonmart. The sand looks like gravel, and the other islands surrounding it look like, well dirty gravel. And the pool is not an infinity pool, I guess the person writing the 'About' doesn't know what an infinity pool actually is. Oh well. One day 'The World' will be amazing, but not for a while yet.

Posted by: Debbie Baker on 21 Jun ' 12 at 07:10

Absolutely sterile and soulless

Posted by: Fatberto on 30 May ' 12 at 08:18

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This place will definitely make a killing off the loads of tacky, obnoxious people. Add it to the list of Dubai clubs and bars with mediocre food and overpriced everything, buoyed by a good location and limited competition. Thumbs down.

Posted by: Nasser on 25 Apr ' 12 at 03:41

How to get there?

Posted by: Abdullah on 19 Apr ' 12 at 01:36


Posted by: Rashad on 14 Apr ' 12 at 10:35

Beautiful place...Please advise how to get there...

Posted by: lady camilla on 21 Mar ' 12 at 01:38

when does it open

Posted by: EmpireH on 07 Mar ' 12 at 03:34

Looks cheap but probably ain't when the bill arrives. No thanks!

Posted by: Mukhtar on 25 Feb ' 12 at 07:36

Looks beautifull, there is no location map how to go and is there is entry fee?

Posted by: shopperdoc on 19 Feb ' 12 at 21:44

how do you book a day there?

Posted by: Assem Elsayed on 18 Feb ' 12 at 20:06

Can I do Kitesurfing there? LOL

Posted by: diana on 16 Feb ' 12 at 06:31

amazing!!! could u give contact details please

Posted by: C.S on 14 Feb ' 12 at 15:38

Looks pretty naff! Tacky flowerbeds, plastic flower pots....not exactly luxury, cutting-edge design.....though I do think my Nana would like that fountain!

Posted by: malik on 12 Feb ' 12 at 21:27

its perfect palace for celebrate and spend time

Posted by: Rowsee on 12 Feb ' 12 at 09:58

How do we get there? Contact details are not mentioned in the article.

Posted by: Nirav on 11 Feb ' 12 at 07:58

How can i be there...!

Posted by: Dave on 10 Feb ' 12 at 05:45


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