The Stokke

'The Stokke suit looks thick and quilty from the outside, has a soft cotton lining on the inside and is more suited to winter sleeping, unless you have air-conditioning on at night. It’s also nice and roomy at the bottom and the cut was large in width, thus allowing for plenty of leg movement. But this also meant more chance for Zoe to get all twisted up. And, like the Dwell, the length was quite short, so even though we tried the 0-6 months size, Zoe’s toes were almost at the end. But we liked the fact that you can do nappy changes while keeping the suit on completely, as it has press stud access near the rear and bottom of the suit. As the Stokke is pretty thick, you only need to dress your baby in light clothes both during daytime naps, and at night. She slept soundly when she wore it in both situations. After throwing it in the wash, the Stokke came out looking like it needed to be ironed! It also felt a bit puffier. But otherwise, it was fine. Our only gripes were that it could have been longer, and the width was a bit too generous. A chunkier baby probably wouldn’t have these issues though. In terms of value for money, the Stokke is pretty pricey. But we liked the quality of the product.'
Overall rating: 4/5
Dhs389-439, Favourite Things Mother & Child, Palm Strip Mall (04 345 2725) and JustKidding, Al Safa (04 346 6050).