Wavebreaker: We’re fans of the pretentious-less feel and set-up at Wavebreaker. Summer is almost upon us and soon the heat will dictate that the doors should be shut on outdoor bars for several months. This venue doesn’t actually have a door, just a flight of steps down from the hotel to the quaint (read: dated, but not past it just yet) beach bar, equipped with a lobster barbecue and pool table as standard. True, it’s not the most salubrious of locations, and yes, the accusation of a ‘poor man’s Barasti’ is fair, but JBR has very few beach bars, and even fewer places that do a truly tremendous surf and turf (they dispatch the lobster while you shoot eight ball). The table service is fine if you fancy eating from the hotel menu, otherwise sit at the bar, let the chatty staff pour you a cold drink and watch the sun go down in old Dubai style.
Hilton Dubai Jumeirah (04 399 1111).