Name: Arnie and Marmite
Age: five
Breed: Persian
Gender: male and female

Ramona of Feline Friends says: “Arnie and Marmite are brother and sister and can best be described as delightful! Marmite is the more adventurous one ¬– she is definitely the curious cat, always looking into cupboards and wanting to know what you are up to. Once she has satisfied her curiosity, she flops on her back for a tummy scratch. Arnie takes things at his own pace. He tends to let Marmite take the lead, but once he is happy and settled in his surroundings, his personality comes out. He loves nothing better than a chin rub and being allowed to play with running tap water. These cats are happy in one another’s company and so would be fine to leave alone during the working day and then will come for cuddles when their owner is back home. Indoor cats (suitable for villa or apartment), they are looking for a family to call their own. Although I am not sure if they have lived with children, they are very gentle and loving cats.”

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