Name: Moppy
Age: three
Breed: domestic short-hair
Gender: female

Ramona of Feline Friends says: “Moppy was born in March 2009. Why such a strange name? When she was a kitten, she was found with a badly broken leg and bad burns, which she may have received from being trapped in a car engine, so she was taken to the vet by Feline Friends and nursed back to help. But she was so scared that she hid in a mop bucket for a week before she realised people wanted to give her love. Now she is very relaxed and affectionate when she gets to know you, but still very nervous of strangers. Very sweet and talkative, not much of a lap cat but she will sit right up next to you. She likes some cat toys, but will play with anything, even sweet wrappers! She’s not very active, but has bursts of energy every so often. Generally, she likes to sit and sleep or twirl around your ankles. Sometimes she chases flies which is quite funny as she isn’t the most graceful of cats. She is an indoor-only cat, good with older children, but would probably hide from younger ones. She has had all her shots and has been micro-chipped and sterilised.”

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