YO! Sushi Rice & Rolls
After donning our aprons and (slightly embarrassing) hairnets, we’re shown how to properly slice up a huge salmon into sashimi. Our instructor then passes on the secret to cooking perfect sushi rice before expertly showing me how to roll the perfect maki, nigiri hand rolls and ‘Inside Out Rolls’. The most useful bit of information has to be how to de-bone and slice salmon: valuable advice for any amateur seafood chef. Indeed, sushi-lovers will pack their lunchboxes again and again with these easy-to-make treats. For the rest, this is a fun novelty class they may revisit every now and again.

Functionality: 4/5
Fun: 3/5
Skill requirement: None – this really is sushi 101.
Jamie Goodwin.
Dhs150 per person. Class times vary according to demand. Bookings can be made at any Yo! Sushi outlet in Dubai. Yo! Sushi, DIFC (04 363 7404).