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Posted by: Belcheva on 13 Sep ' 12 at 17:42

Intresting why the only steak house which has never dissapointed me through the years is not mentioned in this Top 10 rank- Rodeo Grill at Rotana Al Bustan? And some reviews are written so funny like from a complete amateur! Get professionals who know about food and ambiance!

Posted by: Reshma Thomas on 16 Jul ' 12 at 08:20

Many of the cost do not justify the quality of the service and quatity of the Food give... its not even worth all the best ambience.


Posted by: Yehia on 30 Jun ' 12 at 05:05

wast of time!

Posted by: Mark Astor on 10 Jun ' 12 at 07:39

Oh God, please stop presenting things in the form of a slideshow.

Just put it on one page.

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