As with most holidays, Easter is subject to a fair bit of commercialism. But when commercialism translates into shopfuls of chocolate eggs, we’re not going to complain too much. Besides, it seems the UAE’s appetite for chocolate products is on the up – last year, UAE residents ate an estimated 9,069 tonnes of the stuff, while confectionary giant Mars reported sales of more than Dhs1,650 million across the GCC region. Perhaps it was this figure that prompted Mars to open a factory in Jebel Ali earlier this year, which will not only help satiate the Middle East’s appetite for chocolate, but export the brown stuff to European and Asian countries. Dubai really is becoming the chocolate hub of the region.

To celebrate the city’s sweet tooth, we embarked on the toilsome task of rounding up the city’s most unique (not to mention tastiest) cocoa-based concoctions. Our journey took us from Asian-style takes on chocolate to spicy cocoa dishes and more unashamedly decadent treats, all of which are listed, alphabetically, for your culinary pleasure.

And if one dish isn’t enough, there’s even a chocolate-themed afternoon tea for you to try over the Easter weekend. Chocs away!

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