Bohemian Thobe, above

To the untrained eye, regional men’s fashion – the ‘dishdasha’ – is pretty limited. But, as with so many facets of local culture, dig a little deeper and you’ll discover there’s more to traditional menswear than you might expect. First, there’s a common misconception that Middle Eastern men’s traditional attire is dictated by religion. ‘Khanduras or dishdashas are not worn by Arabic men for religious reasons, but simply through tradition,’ explains Moaz Khan of Dubai’s Eton Institute. Second, the term ‘dishdasha’ is a little misleading. According to Saudi designer Hatem Alakeel, dishdasha is the name attributed to the Kuwaiti national dress. ‘These usually have a structured double collar and are similar to Bahraini khanduras [which also have a collar],’ he explains.

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