Maria Dowling, 45, Irish
Founder and owner of Dubai hairdressing salon Mariadowling

Where do you go for off-duty pampering? ‘N.Bar at Grosvenor House.’

Why? ‘For a manicure and pedicure. This particular N.Bar makes for a wonderful, private escape. I love the fact that the treatment spaces are not regimentally lined up against a wall, so you really do have your own little private hideaway. Once it’s all done, I love looking down at the tips of my fingers and toes and seeing how beautiful and shiny the colour is.’
Mani-pedi from Dhs140. Grosvenor House, Dubai Marina (04 399 9009).

Maria’s secret beauty tip ‘First, I’m a great believer in making sure your extremities are in good shape – that means your head (ie your hair), and your hands and feet. If these areas are groomed and polished, you look great and feel great too. Second, get a brow lift – lighten the colour of your brows by a shade or two and watch your face lift and light up. But get it done at the salon – don’t try this at home.’