Physical Existence of Belief by Ehsan ul Haq
‘I generally try to play with the perception of viewers, who come to the gallery with the idea that they’re going to see an artwork. Here, I’ve tried to create something that somehow looks like something from real life, from our world. I have this idea that an artwork is not from real life. It comes from another world and it has its own time. I created a concrete cube in such a way that it had to look like a concrete cube. If you look closely, there’s a hook attached to the top. The hook was placed there so you don’t mistake it for an abstract work of art. The hook gives it a feeling of movement about how it has been placed or transported, because it’s heavy. How it got here overlaps with your ideas towards a certain thing, especially your religious beliefs. In religion, you try to present an explanation through the things you experience. If you think about your own existence, you think about how you’ve come here. So I tried to replicate that idea. The block is actually hollow inside – it doesn’t weigh too much. Two or three men could move it. It’s not as heavy as it looks.’