Dubai is renowned for being a hotspot for Middle Eastern art. But while it’s common to see works from Iran, Syria and even Iraq, Pakistan is relatively uncharted territory in terms of visiting artists and exhibitions.

Until now, that is. Alserkal gallery newcomer and Pakistani-centric venue Grey Noise’s first show, ‘Truth of the Matter’, features the works of Lahore-based Pakistani artists (and married couple) Ehsan ul Haq and Iqra Hanveer, both 28; between them they list Damien Hirst, James Turrell, Gabriel Orozco and Jeff Koons as influences. Their combined installation pieces provide thought-provoking commentary on existence, truth and reality.

So why did they decide to show together? ‘We thought that our works had underlying conceptual concerns that were very similar,’ says Hanveer. ‘The show itself follows a narrative, leading the viewer through various perceptions about life, reality and truth.’ Here, the artists explain the ideas behind some of their pieces.

Skyline by Iqra Hanveer
‘This work was originally executed and conceived in Bangladesh. It’s an installation created in the middle of the lake on the outskirts of Dhaka. I placed panels of mirror almost six metres long in the middle of the lake: what you see is the reflection of the sky right above you. Most of my work has an element of nature. I wanted to place the mirrors in such a way that it appears as a two-dimensional picture existing in three dimensions. The idea was to talk about the sky and water as being one. My concerns generally are between the reality of a certain object or space, and how you perceive that reality. This project was documented throughout the day at various times. It was later displayed in the form of photographic prints, which is what you see at the gallery.’