Burning Bright
Carlos Brooks
Stars: Briana Evigan, Charlie Tahan, Garret Dillahunt, Mary Rachel Dudley, Tom Nowicki

Why does so much forgettable, low- budget, straight-to-DVD trash find itself enjoying a proper cinematic release in the UAE? A grassroots thriller about a young woman stuck inside her home with just an autistic younger brother and a ravenous tiger for company, Burning Bright is an able vehicle for 86 minutes of glass-shattering shrieks and skimpy sweat-drenched clothing. So far it’s only been seen by bargain-bin buyers in north America, following a DVD release in 2010, but now cost-conscious cinema programmers in the UAE are giving this dirge a regrettable big-screen debut. Rob Garratt

Weekly box office: Dhs197,680
Weekly admissions: 5,709
Total box office: Dhs197,680
Total admissions: 5,709