What happens when three friends who live together also happen to be artists? Naturally, the four walls around them become canvases waiting temptingly to be adorned. Lifelong pals and Iranian artists Ramin and Rokni Haerizadeh and Hesam Rahmanian have played on the idea that their shared home is also a studio, and the exhibition, entitled ‘I Put It There, You Name It’, running at Gallery IVDE until Thursday May 3, features collage-style artworks containing household items from mop heads to chillis.

‘We’ve been living in the house we sought to replicate for the show for three years now, but there are objects within the house, and the exhibition, that we acquired before then,’ says Hesam. ‘The three of us live and work together, and this process of living and creating has its own culture, inherent in both the collaborative and individual artworks we create.’ Here, the artists give us a tour.

The collaboration
Title of work:
How did each of you contribute to this?
Rokni: ‘This panel, and a number of others, hung on our garden wall for six months, during which time it was worked and re-worked by all of us.’

What materials did you use?
Ramin: ‘Objects and images that we have gathered over time. We print images of women that we admire and stills from films we’ve been inspired by. We used the legs of plastic dolls, and created collages from found fabrics and objects.’