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Posted by: Norman Bataille on 01 Oct ' 13 at 18:37

guys how much is suit wiht them more or less

Posted by: nithesh baba on 19 Oct ' 12 at 11:43

This is the very good website................from dubai

Posted by: Jeevanaranha on 13 Jul ' 12 at 15:20

Deepaks is good but what about Ravi Lobo Tailors in Bur Dubai ??? . I don't think this article gives us the full picture

Posted by: Ardelia on 23 Apr ' 12 at 05:45

Dream Girl Tailors have let me down quite a few times. Their service never lived up to my basic expectations be it for traditional (Indian) or casual wear.

Posted by: Jason Renaud on 19 Apr ' 12 at 00:55

You forgot some fantastic places. I have been using the tailors and material suppliers for 5 years in Satwa and there are amazing places down the alley ways.

I would not use Dreamgirls personally. Deepaks is the only one in your list that is worth a look.

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