Only a month or so later than expected, Lebanon Island is now open. Following the soft opening party on Friday April 13, we went along the very first week it was open to the public, on Friday April 20. Following a 20-minute (slightly bumpy - be warned, landlubbers) boat ride starting from near the Palm's Tiara Residences, we filed onto the surprisingly small island: Syria, if it is Syria, is but a few strokes away - not that you're allowed on to it, mind: adventurous beach clubbers were repeatedly whistled at by the lifeguards when they attempted to step onto it. The atmosphere on land is remarkably relaxed; visitors can only sunbathe, swim in the pool or sea, play volleyball or ping pong, eat and drink the buffet (which you pay for separately, but at reasonable prices - and the bar is licensed), or hide in one of the big, more expensive cabanas. At Dhs200 for the return travel and entry, it's the same price, if not less than day entry to many of the city's five-star hotel beach clubs, and well worth a look for a novelty day out. And, yes, panicky people - despite the club night name, the boats leave hourly from 6pm, or earlier, depending on popularity (40 people were still partying away on the island at 12am at its launch party).
Dhs200 for entry and transport. Fridays, boats run hourly from 11am. Email Booking essential.