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Posted by: TFC on 30 Apr ' 12 at 07:40

I still cant believe that Timeout keep on calling affordable 300dhs ++!!!!!
I think you guys should visit other options, less glamorous maybe, but if you are listing "group of friends" think about younger crowds and crisis time, just as a suggestion!

Posted by: Andrew Hudson on 30 Apr ' 12 at 06:18

The annoying thing about these comments is that they attach to the whole article, rather than one particular page. Which location is Vicki disagreeing with the Timeout review team about?

Posted by: jane on 30 Apr ' 12 at 05:07

Yes it is busy but it is one of the best in Dubai. Large, good quality and excellent band.

Posted by: Jim on 30 Apr ' 12 at 04:54

C Taste Centro Rotana, Barsha. Hmm. Well we went there last Friday afternoon. It was all very pleasant. No busy at all and the food was lovely too. There was more of a selection for salad and starters than main course. They do need some more main course I believe. Although live station for chicken tandoori was much appreciated.
Well worth the money if you are driving (soft drinks option for 99 dhs).

Posted by: Vicki on 27 Apr ' 12 at 12:52

I think the Timeout review team must have gone somewhere else???? What about the long queues to get in to the place, the bun fight for the food, the drunken parties getting completely out of hand within the first two hours, poor service and mediocre food (once you get to it) ??? How can you have missed it? Four hideous times now I have been there for various birthdays and events so not based on one experinece. Hideous, will not be going back again. Would rather pay the same amount to go somewhere civilised with an atmosphere.

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