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Posted by: Lijuan Ni on 25 Feb ' 15 at 02:55

Sorry, this restaurant is not as good as it is advertised.

Posted by: James on 29 Jan ' 14 at 16:53

Great place with excellent authentic Cantonese food. Sadly no longer there. Fingers crossed that it will be reincarnated...

Posted by: Wilford on 16 Jan ' 14 at 19:40

The best dimsum in Dubai ever!Dón't come there on Friday without reservation I guaranteed you can't find seats!The China Club has fantastic service as well!

Posted by: Justine on 27 Jun ' 12 at 20:09

For real tasty and cheap Chinese food, take a dive into China cluster at the International City. Loads of awesome choices of authentic Chinese restaurants from home cooking to hotpot to noodles to provincial specialties ... all yet to be discovered by people outside of the local Chinese community. ;)

Posted by: Julie on 08 May ' 12 at 07:28

Is there a Chinese restaurant that serves crispy pork?

Posted by: Tina on 07 May ' 12 at 08:04

This is a great little restaurant and the food is amazing for the price its not licensed but it doesnt matter as you really get to taste quality food for a really good price really is worth a visit

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