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Posted by: Arti Nanda on 27 Nov ' 12 at 07:11

Tried this outlet last weekend with visiting family. Felt it is a let down after all the hype created, especially mentioning it under 'food with a view'. We went for dinner and had to stand next to the window for any view, if you are sitting at your table (which was near the window as we requested) you had to actually crane your neck for any view mainly coz its a window set up rather than 1 uninterupted glass. I had clearly mentioned at the time of booking that we were celebrating a B'Day that evening, however let alone offering a piece of cake for the B'day boy, no one even enquired about it though we say that they did bring a small piece of cake and sang for another table. The menu was very restrictive - 2 to 3 appetisirs and 4-5 main courses to choose from, and absolutely no cocktail menu, though they did get Pina Colada and LIIT when requested. All in all I expected much more and had I know whould have planned somewhere else especially as we were celebrating a special day!

Posted by: madhav on 23 Jun ' 12 at 16:29

i am really interesting to learn about the restaurent

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