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Posted by: Princess on 10 Mar ' 15 at 08:36

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Circle Cafe is the best of these! I really love their Big Breakfast and their main courses, especially Chef's prawns! Highly recommend that!

Posted by: Wafa Al almheiri on 03 Feb ' 15 at 06:54

1- Mugg & Bean in jumeirah , English breakfast
2- Zaroob in SKZ road , Arabic breakfast
3- I HOP in JBR , English breakfast
4- Wafi Gourmet , Arabic Breakfast

Posted by: Nna on 24 Mar ' 13 at 12:05

Has anyone been to the The Lime Tree Café & Kitchen for breakfast served Sun-Thu 7.30pm-11pm,
Fri-Sat 7.30pm-1pm?

Posted by: Priya on 07 Mar ' 13 at 08:30

After living in Canada for a couple of years, I miss the taste of home. Give me a zaater and labneh manakish anyday! And a spinach fatayer! Finished off with a creamy delicious atayef with Turkish coffee. Al Reef Bakery near Karama post office is the place to go to for a truly yum Lebanese bakery experience!

Posted by: leah on 12 Feb ' 13 at 07:24

Ohhhh Mick! you sound a little bitter lol

Posted by: Farzana on 13 Jul ' 12 at 06:02

Hey Mick,

I feel your pain! I keep looking to recreate my lazy Sunday brunches from Toronto, as well. Dean & Deluca makes great waffles and their eggs benedict, are pretty decent!

Posted by: sean on 10 Jul ' 12 at 13:06



Posted by: Parul on 19 Jun ' 12 at 09:01

Mick, I hear More Cafe at Dubai Mall does American breakfast..Shakespeare & Co. (!!) as well ..

Posted by: NICOLE on 18 Jun ' 12 at 19:08

I love the breakfast at la cafette carpe diem in town center such a relaxing place with fresh food just yummi

Posted by: NICOLE on 18 Jun ' 12 at 19:08

I love the breakfast at la cafette carpe diem in town center such a relaxing place with fresh food just yummi

Posted by: Andy on 18 Jun ' 12 at 13:00

IKEA breakfast is the best? Are you mad!?!

Posted by: Kiran Varughese on 18 Jun ' 12 at 09:50

The breakfast at Ikea is only AED 5

Posted by: ahem on 14 Jun ' 12 at 07:21

Oops, only just noticed the shakshouka at the Palace Cafe. Definitely have to try that.

Posted by: ahem on 14 Jun ' 12 at 07:19

You guys missed the best breakfast item on the Baker and Spice menu: Shakshouka! Eggs poached in a spiced tomato sauce. *wipes drool off keyboard*

Posted by: Mick on 14 Jun ' 12 at 06:18

I realise that Dubai is, for want of a better term, a erm.. British Colony but does anyone know of any place that someone from the U.S. or Canada can get a breakfast done their way? It's not the same as the UK.

Eggs (scrambled or other)
-what Brits call- streaky bacon
Home fries (not a wedge of deep fried hashbrown)
Pancakes (or hotcakes)
Sausages (breakfast sausages)
Fresh Orange juice
Brewed Coffee
no mushrooms
no beans in tomato sauce

Any ideas out there?

Any ideas?

Posted by: Manosh De on 14 Jun ' 12 at 03:11

What about The Farm @al barari?
They have an excellent smoothies selection too - great for beating the summer heat.

Posted by: Rahul Chokshi on 13 Jun ' 12 at 13:18

IKEA breakfast is the BEST!!

Too bad McDonalds dint make it!:P

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