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Posted by: Stela on 26 May ' 13 at 07:28

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Very disappointing Time Out Dubai...instead than an article you are doing publicity? How can you call this an article??? What kind of journalist are you? This is misleading! You only post from betterhomes, and they are overpriced. By the way I pay 75000 for a 2 bedroom villa and a big garden so people please don't pay more because they will keep increasing the rents!!!!!

Posted by: Shiny Herojlal on 15 May ' 13 at 07:36

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Its really ridiculous. How can people pay more than their salary as rent? The salaries doesn't increase along with the rent. To todays condition in Dubai its not worth to pay more than 35000 max for even a 2 bedroom apartment. All this dramas of boom will fall soon. God is seeing all this pressure applied on poor and middle class people and he will surely answer for their miseries. TimeOutDubai requires someone efficient to fill their blogs helping the poor and middle class expats rather than placing with stupid ads.

Posted by: Ajoy on 30 Apr ' 13 at 10:39

Good that you guys are helping to blow up the Bubble which has been developing for last few months ...we just have to wait and watch for the blowing up..this time it wont take long....

Posted by: Riyaz on 09 Apr ' 13 at 11:39

What the....??

Posted by: Fak on 08 Feb ' 13 at 18:19

Gotta agree with everyone. Very misleading.. Shame on you timeout!!!

Posted by: Marc Biggani on 12 Dec ' 12 at 18:45

The only think that comes to mind is the "TIMEOUTDUBAI Blokes" have become real estate agents all of a sudden(?!?)....In any case you might find a One BEDROOM STUDIO much much cheaper than this article actually promotes....Pay Less Rent 14 page article???
The deal is this:::with some estate agents or got to have your cheque book ready!......many apartments are Empty & overprice and you just may hit the jackpot.
You can also find less rents even near the center / marina area if you look around.

Posted by: bianca on 17 Aug ' 12 at 11:44

@wass you can still find 2BR places for 50-70k in Mankhool, Karama, Jumeirah end closer to Port Rashid and nearby areas.

Posted by: Zan on 11 Aug ' 12 at 14:44

How is this article about paying less rent in Dubai.This is misleading and disappointing.How about a genuine article about places where the rent is cheaper for the people who cant afford 100000 Dhs a year as rent.

Posted by: Jesse Pinkman on 05 Aug ' 12 at 06:50

Headline is misleading.

There is nothing in here to help you pay less rent. Just seems like adverts for expensive places from estate agents. Really poor show guys, really poor.

And are you that desperate for clicks that you have to put in on 14 pages rather then one?

I expect better from Time Out.

Posted by: Hala on 30 Jul ' 12 at 06:41

Pay less rent ?? -__-

Posted by: Wass on 16 Jul ' 12 at 21:17

I am planning to relocate to dubai in a month or two, i have been researching for 3 weeks now about apartments and most of the online website rentral prices are on the high side averaging 85K for a 1 bedroom apartment anywhere in Dubai Marina, JLT, JBR etc...
is this case, or these can be found cheaper?

which places am I able to find a 2 bedroom apartment for no more than 70K?

Posted by: Good Guy Greg on 11 Jul ' 12 at 14:16

Dhs270,000 (two cheques)!!!!!

I thought this was about paying LESS rent?

Was this just copied off an estate agent's website?

Posted by: John on 11 Jul ' 12 at 14:12

Can\t you put this on one page?

It's really annoying having to load up 14 pages.

Posted by: kenneth on 01 Jul ' 12 at 16:41

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These rents are hiked up...wake up people! I wouldn't pay more than 50,000 to 60,000 for a 2 bedroom in today's financial state of Dubai. one bedroom not more than 35000 to 45000....anything above this is not worth it and a waste of precious money.

Posted by: mariah on 01 Jul ' 12 at 09:28

Pay less rent ???
these rents are too much! what sort of a joke is this.

Posted by: Mirella on 01 Jul ' 12 at 08:24

These rents are actually expensive... Huge rents and small spaces... Seriously!! Are you even doing a proper research before submitting an article like this or is it just to promote certian properties.
This is wasting our time with an article that does not do justice to its caption

Posted by: Marisa Turano on 01 Jul ' 12 at 07:10

We still talking about 1 Cheque????
4 Cheques is the general standard with most of rental deals nowdays closed with monthly cheques!!!
Need to review I suppose???

Posted by: Josh on 29 Jun ' 12 at 19:05

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These are ok, but a lot of other expats are looking at 1br apartments, and currently, they are over price. Just to put it out there: Studio apartments on Business bay are supposed to be between 30k-50k max according to RERA. Landlord can't raise rent but until 2 years and only 5% There are still a lot of apartments empty in Dubai, is NOT picking up.. The only way a landlord can't take you out of the apt is by giving you 12month notice that (s)he is moving in(there are exceptions). These and more laws are out there for a reason, know your rights.. and don't put that attitude of "if you don't like it, leave or go back..".

Posted by: David on 29 Jun ' 12 at 14:03

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I thought this article was titled "pay less rent" and was supposed to tell us about good deals in Dubai. But it goes on to talk about every single neighborhood in Dubai and none of them were any good in value. It should have been titled, "don't bother looking to move because everything is expensive and the 5% agent fee for posting ads on dubizzle is worse than paying taxes."

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