Over the past month, Dubai’s dining scene has changed significantly. With many restaurants closed during the day and the majority of the population fasting, our dining habits and patterns have altered: most
people will have been eating at different times, frequenting different restaurants from their usual haunts, or even eating different styles of cuisine. And now, yet again, the times they are a changing…

Now that the fasting is over, we’re back to heading out of the house (and out of the office) for every meal, pre-meal pitstop and snack imaginable. We’ve returned to a day filled with dining, from breakfast, brunch and lunch, right through to dinner. However, after a month of staying up late to snack at suhoors, the Time Out team seems to have developed a taste for late-night dining. Is anyone else still feeling peckish
at midnight, or getting 2am cravings for manakish?

Whether you’re after an early breakfast, an exceedingly late dinner or something in between, 24-hour eateries are the place to be. We’ve stayed up all night, searching out Dubai venues that are open all hours and picking our favourite 12 – so now you have an option for every hour on the clock.

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