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Posted by: ustad malik on 10 Sep ' 15 at 12:16

you should try PIZZA HUT its the best pizza in town Lol

Posted by: Jacq on 04 Jun ' 13 at 11:21

Itzza Pizza should be in the list, their chicken alfredo is an absolute must try!!

Posted by: Lilian Parsoni on 21 May ' 13 at 06:17

I agree with Ruggiero!! There is no better pizza in Dubai thatn Brandi Pizzeria in DUbai Mall. It is THE original pizza from Naples and the simple Margherita is simply to die for...! I love this place 5/5!

Posted by: Ibaceta on 06 Apr ' 13 at 09:57

FYI pizza was first originated in Greece then modernized in Naples, Italy. Get you facts straight!!!

Posted by: Haleel on 01 Apr ' 13 at 16:00

Debonairs is definitely the best when it comes to toppings and taste. and I tried their new wheat pizzas, just too good.

Posted by: Satyen on 03 Mar ' 13 at 06:46

Pompeii was the first one on the list! They would probably fit in my list of top 10 worst pizzas

Posted by: Patrick on 23 Feb ' 13 at 13:30

How come Pizza Pazza is not listed or reviewed? They offer amazing pizza!

Posted by: girlie on 20 Feb ' 13 at 16:52

try CIAO PIZZA in JLT.. u will see what REAL piZZA is......

Posted by: Ruggiero on 04 Jan ' 13 at 16:02

De gustibus...
But as a southern Italian I can tell you that if you want to taste a genuine pizza in Dubai you need to go to Brandi at the Dubai Mall and order a simple Margherita con Bufala.
All the pizza sampled above (with the possible exception of the Caprese of Sicilia) do not meet the standard of what we call "pizza" in Southern Italy (and you can trust us as we invented the dish).

Posted by: Mark Astor on 12 Dec ' 12 at 11:33

Marzano is the best, but clearly you don't order the one with courgettes and broccoli like you're trying to assuage some fast food guilt.

You get the buffala with melted cheese.

Posted by: Lucrezia on 14 Sep ' 12 at 07:57

Who tried the pizzas? How is it possible to rate Rossovivo 4/5 (their pizza is excellent) and Vapiano 5/5 for a pizza with BARBECUE sauce in it?!?

Posted by: Jesse Pinkman on 13 Sep ' 12 at 11:54

You went to Marzano and asked to have courgette and broccoli on your pizza? Who the hell does that?

Posted by: Catherine on 04 Sep ' 12 at 06:15

Noooooo - where's 800 Pizza in all of this?

Posted by: RGB on 29 Aug ' 12 at 17:55

Pizza Pazza, Al Barsha. Best. Pizza. The end.

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