We’ve eaten our way through the best disc-shaped delicacies on offer at the city’s Italian restaurants.

Pizza may have been invented by the Italians, but it has since found a home in nearly every cuisine across the globe. The Americans, for instance, are said to eat about 400,000 sq m of the stuff a day (that’s about 350 slices per second). The Middle East even has its own answer to pizza: manakish. It’s believed the iconic dish was taken back to Italy by Marco Polo, after he acquired a taste for flatbreads in the region.

If you’re hankering for the more traditional Italian incarnation, there are more than 120 Italian restaurants in Dubai, most of which are equipped with a wood-fired oven. And don’t even get us started on the 30-plus Pizza Hut outlets…

With restaurants now filling up after a long summer, we dug out our baggiest clothing and set about eating our way through 21 of what we’d heard were the city’s best pizza options. We chose our pizzas based on staff recommendation, then categorised them by price and rated them on the quality of the base, toppings and cooking method in an attempt to uncover Dubai’s finest offerings. Here are our findings.

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