Following news that Dubai’s air-conditioned bus shelters may soon be bequeathed with free wireless internet, we thought we’d celebrate the city’s increasing connectivity by rounding up 15 great cafés, restaurants and bars where you can browse the web to your heart’s content on a strong internet connection, while dining on great food. We’ve rated each venue on the vibe, the people and the food served, as well as its unique selling points. So we suggest you leave the office behind and set up shop with a view of Dubai Fountain, in a lush green garden centre, or within many other wonderful free Wi-Fi zones.

Baker & Spice
The vibe:
This bright, light-filled venue is lined with handsome pale-wood furniture, and tempts the taste buds with beautifully displayed salads, cakes and preserves.

The people: It’s populated by the tanned, toned, annoyingly healthy Marina set.

What to order with your Wi-Fi: Where to start? We’re big fans of the breakfasts, so would recommend the blueberry pancake and fantastic shakshouka.

Why go? If you live in or around the Marina, this is as good a spot as any to come for breakfast and/or a light lunch.

Behind Marina Promenade building, Dubai Marina (04 362 4686).

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